Little Flower Foundation

Van 8 naar 250 kinderen op school

De Little Flower Foundation in Koforidua werkt vanuit dezelfde ideële doelstelling als Stichting Inclusive Wave Ghana. Sinds 2008 hebben zij het initiatief genomen om het leed in de meest armoedige situaties in Koforidua te verlichten. Onderdeel hiervan is de vanuit het huis van de initiatiefnemer opgerichte Little Flower School. Met in eerste instantie 8 kinderen is de school nu uitgegroeid naar ongeveer 250 kinderen.

De kinderen die wij samen met jou helpen zijn verzekerd van goede scholing op de Little Flower School.

Little Flower School

Little Flower Foundation Koforidua

Organisation & School Manager: 

George Arthur Baiden

Organisation Mission: 

To help elevate the standard of living of deprived families.

Organisation Vision:

To contribute to the building of society by improving the livelihood of poor and needy families in the community. 

Organization Goals or Objectives:

Provide education, shelter, medical care and other needs to the vulnerable and deprived families through raising of funds and receiving contributions where appropriate.

Background of the Organisation:

In 2008 the founders realized that there were many children running around in their community who had no hope of education and a seemingly blur future.  They were moved to make available free education to these children who hitherto would be out of school and possibly, their upkeep. This is how little flower school was conceived. The school started with eight (8) children in the founders’ residence .The school has currently grown to a population of about 250 kids and about 120 students have been enrolled in government schools so far,-from primary to university.

The Foundation facilitates individual children sponsorship for high school education. These sponsorship programs allow older children and young adults to continue education, paying schools fees, school supplies and uniforms. 

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